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  1. durilai

    replace help

    I have a simple form with a text box and a submit button. Once submitted the value in the text box is checked against a table, if there is a match it adds it to another table. The problem is this program is set up to allow scanning of barcodes, but the ID is for ex. A000123, and it works if I...
  2. durilai

    Checking text fields

    I have a form with two text fields. 1. Is used to enter a number and locate that number in a table 2. Is used to enter a name to search On the first one they enter an ID, the ID is given to them like: A000123 But the actual ID is only 123, so I want to trim anything before first...
  3. durilai

    Listview columns

    Is there a way to lock the width of a column in a listview?
  4. durilai

    Write Listview data to table

    I have a listview that is populated by an access table, and I want to write all of the values in the listview to a seperate table. I get an error: specified argument was out of the range of valid values parameter name: index The vclassid2 variable is a public varible from a different form. I...
  5. durilai

    check a table

    I have a form with a text field that adds a record to a table, I want to check the value from that text field with a different table to see if it is valid. With the code below it will right the data if the record exists, but if it does not exist then I get an "Row Handle is Invalid" error. What...
  6. durilai

    Listview struggles

    I have a simple form that has a listview that is populated by a table in access. There is a button that opens another form using showdialog so that the first form stays in the background. The second form is used to add a value to that same access table. When I click the add button I want the...
  7. durilai

    VB.Net and listviews

    I am sure this has been covered, but I cannot find it. I am in the process of learning and I am working with a listview that is populated by an access table. I want to be able to pass the id of a selected item to another form in order to do another query based on that value. I am having...
  8. durilai

    .NET Newbie

    [RESOLVED] .NET Newbie I am trying to make the conversion from a ASP web developer to .NET, specifically VB.NET (to start). I have experience with MsSQL and MS Access. Most of the work I do revolves around database's, so I am trying to do some fairy simple things. I have an access db with 1...
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