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    Finding and Deleting a Line.

    Hi. I've got a txt file with a list of websites. A new site on each line. In my app i've got a textbox, and a button. Once the button is pressed i'd like the app to read through the lines of the txt file untill it finds an exact match of the textbox, to a line in the txt file. Then i'd like the...
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    Option Strict.

    I've read in several places that Option Strict should be the first thing that any VB programmer does? I'm self taught, by books, fiddling and forums, and i've never used Option Strict. Is anyone able to explain to me what it actualy does, and the advantages/disadvantages of using it? Thanks.
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    Multiple Forms.

    Hi. I've written a web browser, but i have one problem. Due to multiple windows needing to be opened (New Windows), the same form may need to be opened multiple times (e.g Form1), simultaneously. The problem i have is that if the original form, Form1, is closed. Then the whole program closes...
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    Before Application Exit

    Hi, is there a way that i can run some code before the application exits? So that when the last form is closed, or the exit button is clicked, it runs a short piece of code before closing itself? The problem is that there is no way to know what form will be that last open, so can i put some code...
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    [Basic] Closing a form, from another form.

    Hi, i can't seem to work out how i can close Form1, from Form2. I've been hiding the forms, but this isn't very effective. For example, Once Form1 is complete, it closes itself, and loads Form2. I am using: Me.Hide() Dim Form2 As New Form2 Form2.ShowDialog() But with that, i still have Form1...
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    DWORD In registry.

    Hi, i use the following code to create a normal Key in the registry: Dim key As Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey key = Microsoft.Win32.Registry.CurrentUser.CreateSubKey("KeyPath") key.SetValue("KeyName", "KeyValue") This is working fine, but i need to create a DWORD entry. I've been looking in...
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    Detecting a Process.

    Hi, how can i workout if a process is running, for example test.exe. For my app i need to detect if MSN Messenger is running, and if it is, to close it. Is there a way i can detect it, and then close it if it's open? Thanks.
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    Progress Bar.

    Hi, i was wondering how i could like a Progress bar to the status of a download. In my app i've got an auto-update from the web option, where the user can download and install the update through my app. Currently i've got a progress bar based on a set time, but that works on my internet...
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    Textbox Contains Text?

    Hi. I've got a text box that contains a range of text. For example: "aaaabbbbcccc" I'm trying to write an If statment to work out if some of the text is there. For example: If the textbox contains "bbbb" Then 'Insert Code Else 'Insert Code End If The code should ignore the rest of the text in...
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    Bandwidth Leak? Please check.

    Hi, I wrote an Internet connection status program to run on my server, and alert me when the internet became disconnected. It was probably just a coincidence, but the month that I tested it, I went way over my internet bandwidth cap. Can someone please just have a quick look over this code and...
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    Disable Keys.

    Hi, i'm trying to create a windows form that cannot be closed with Alt-F4, or can't lose focus with Alt-Tab. In other words, how can i disable key combinations? Thanks,
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    Access database location.

    Hi, i'm developing an ASP site using an Access database. But I think i've got a small problem. Currently the database is located here: Data Source=C:\ASPWeb\Database\Internet.mdb" The problem is, if i move the folder ("C:\ASPWeb") to another location, or rename the folder, the page runs into...
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    SQL or MySQL?

    Hi, i'm currenlty in the process of turning my current web page into an page using Visual Basic.NET. But i've got a few questions. 1. Someone offered to show me how to integrate a SQL database, my current web host offers mySQL, is this very differant? Would it be hard to change SQL code...
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    Shortcut on Desktop.

    Hi, i want my program to create a short cut of itself on the desktop when a button is presed. Say, Button1. I know that the desktop folder is found at: System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(System.Environment.GetFolderPath(System.Environment.SpecialFolder.Desktop) But what do i use to create...
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    Data Access.

    Hi, i'm building a VB.NET appl for my PDA, and need somewhere to store data that can be submitted and retreived through a windows form. But i don't know where to start. 1. If i use a Access database, does my PDA HAVE to have access installed? 2. if i don't use Access, whats the next best...
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    SystemMonitor Adding a Counter.

    Hi, i'm trying to automatically add a counter to a System Monitor Control when the form opens. Is there anyway to add a counter for the "% Processor Time", and then lock down the System Monitor so that it can't be Right-Clicked or changed? Thanks,
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    Decimal's in a Label.

    How can i cancel out the decimal places in a label? For example, the textbox "Maths.Text" runs a calculation and then gives the value to the label "Results". But the final value is 123.4444444 or something. How can i make the value to be 123, and to cancel out the decimals? Thanks,
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    Running Packaged Files.

    Hi, i'm trying to run a seperate file that is packaged inside my Exe. Not quite sure how to explain it, but here goes. I added a seperate Exe into my VB program, now i am trying to run this program through VB when the user clicks a button. For example, if the user clicks "Button1", then the Exe...
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