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    Modbus TCP

    I have an Ethernet based I/O block that uses the Modbus/TCP protocol. I would just like to read all the inputs (ports 5-8) at once and also set individual outputs one at a time (ports 1-4). Can someone point me to some simple code? I do not need the whole protocol, just these two simple things.
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    Ping routine

    I changed the variables to Integers and it now works. I had received the code from someone and blindly entered it without thinking VB.NET is different. Is there a way to shorten the timeout so a failure does not take so long to detect? The network is all local and will have a fast response...
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    Ping routine

    I am trying to write a routine to Ping an IP address. It is designed to be in a continuous loop so I can jiggle network connections and wires to isolate an occasional communication problem that occurs from time to time (due to, I think, a vibration problem). The GetRTTAndHopCount call I am...
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    UDP communications failure after period of inactivity

    I have a VB.NET application that receives messages using UDP. The sender of the message is a special micro-controller and the PC running the .NET application is used as an user interface and data logger. This application is installed at several locations and works everywhere fine except for two...
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    Converting VB6 Winsock (UDP) code to VB.NET

    I am trying to convert my VB6 code to .NET. There is no longer the Winsock control that you drop on the form, per se, but I did find that there is a socket class as well as a UDP class. However, most help files and examples use either TCP or use multicasting when using UDP. I need something much...
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