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    Use combobox to select data to show in datagrid

    I am trying to create a small inventory app. I am using a combobox on my form to select a category title in a database. I want the datagrid to only show records with that category title. I already have the conn,data adapter and dataset configured to show all records from the database in the...
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    Deleting from datagrid

    I made a little app for a friend with a very large movie library(DVD,VHS,etc.). He uses it to catalog his movies and to keep track of which movie he lent out to which person. The app uses a datagrid with 5 columns(ID#,Title,Genre,Comments,Who has it.). The datagrid is sortable. When first...
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    Import textbox.text from form2 to form1 textbox

    I have 3 textboxes in form2(Setup) and I want the text from those (2) tb's to be used by form1(Main). The text is to be used for a webrequest. I am using visual 'form2(Setup) tburl.text = "some web address" tbcmd.text = "cmd=user_xml" 'form1(Main) tbemailaddress.text =...
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    Rows #'s i for a datagrid

    I was wondering if there is anyway to number the ro headers that pertain to rows with data/info in them.
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    Getting info off of website

    I am really new to programming. I only started a few months ago and I am trying to teach myself. I using Visual Studio 2003 mainly visual basic. What I want to do is get data off of a website address( The info will change...
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