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    Question guidelines to handle exceptions in a class

    I created a custom collection class with some methods: each of these has some parameters and throws an exception if a parameter is not valid. For example, the Add and Remove methods throw an NullReferenceException if one of their parameters is null. Sub Add(ByRef word As String) If (word Is...
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    Question P2P application using WCF and C# 4

    Hi, I should start a C# project to deepen the WCF technology as part of my degree course. In particular I would like to create a simple application of distributed computing based on the P2P paradigm, in which each node establishes a connection with only some nodes (partially connected...
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    Question get all the partitions on the system

    Hi, I would make an unattended recovery disk for my Dell laptop using Windows PE 2.0 and, so I am in need of a program which analizes the first disk on the system in order to get all partitions. The program should check: - if there is an OEM partition (hidden); - the number of logical...
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    prevent access to drives

    Hi, I would make a Windows service in order to prevent an user account from accessing to one on more drives. Is it possible? Thanks a lot! :)
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    Web Project in Visual Basic 2005

    Hi, I have downloaded and installed Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. When I open a Web project, VB2005 prompt this error: "Web project component not installed. Unable to convert project: http://localhost/dotnetnuke/DotNetNuke.vbproj" How can I solve this problem? Thanks!
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    Get Selected Text

    It is possible to get the selected text within any opened window? It exists some API regarding to this functionality? Thanks!
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    understanding Hashtable

    Hi, It is possible avoiding collisions within an Hashtable object if I know the max number of the entries which will be inserted into? Thanks!
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    reading a Word document

    Hello:D I should implement a DLL in order to read the words contained within a Word document and their occurrences. It is possible? What functions should I use? Thanks!:)
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