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    VB2005 Pro comes with a “Hypertrend Chart Recorder” component?

    Does anyone know if VB2005 Pro comes with a “Hypertrend Chart Recorder” component? This is a component that will monitor an integer variable and display, in real-time, its value in the form of a trace line on a simulated chart recorder, it display historical data as a moving chart and zoom in...
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    Has anyone here used these HMI automation controls?

    I'm planning to invest $2m in these controls and will like to know the experience and opinions of any of the forum members who has used these in any of their projects? (see photo)
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    How to remove controls at run time

    I created 10 picture boxes with images at run time how can I remove only Picture box 1 to Picture box 5 along with their images?
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    Need example in VB2005 code for sending Emails with images!

    Please post any link you might think will help me understand and develop a small application for sending emails containing an image not as an attachment but instead images placed along with the text. If this cannot be done then I will settle for having the Image as an attachment. I’m only...
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    Need help with a Touch Screen project.

    I have several forms with buttons and textboxes (see photo below) I also have a virtual Keyboard that is called by these buttons to allow operator to enter text into the textboxes in these forms. Question: How the keyboard would know which form call it and where to put the text string the...
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    What do you do to Save your work?

    Do you copy the application with a different folders name? Do you save it to another media replacing the existing one or do you change the folder name of the original application? Please let me know your suggestion, lately I had cases where VB has been very sensitive about changing the main...
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    How to assign a Null value?

    How to assign a Null value? Public m_TimePressWasStart As DateTime = Now.ToLocalTime This code won’t work: m_TimePressWasStop = System.DBNull.Value.ToString Neither this: m_TimePressWasStop = CDate(System.DBNull.Value)
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    Why I cannot see the Records Created? See code.

    With the code below I’m able to create the records but I’m not able to see it in the DataGridView in real time. (Master-child relationship exist) The only way to see the records created is by quitting the application and running it again. Then the records appear just fine inside the...
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    Can an SQL database be exported into Access database format?

    I have been working on VB 2005 and SQL express lately. I wondered if it is possible to export any database created with these application into Access database format. Would I have any problem in the exporting, would I loose any data? Does anyone have any idea where to get information on how to...
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    How to fire an event on every hour?

    Please let me know how would you fire and event using the computer clock, every hour. I need to create a record every hour and I’m not sure how to do the firing part. Do I have to use a timer.tick event or is there another way? Thanks
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    Can a picture box be Zoomed?

    How to zoom parts of a picture box? The drawing shown in the picturebox takes the entire form 1024 x 768; the problem is that it is still too small for the operators to clearly see the details in the drawing. Does anyone have any idea on how to do this? When the cursor hovers by any...
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    Can anyone provide me with the right code for sending these AT commands using the new

    Can anyone provide me with the right code for sending these AT commands using the new SerialPort class? Serial Port Setup COM2 1 start bit 8 bit data No parity 1 stop bit I need to send these AT commands to the device: AT+CMGF=1 follow by a carriage return As soon as I get this...
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    Virtual keyboard on a touch screen application

    I have a virtual keyboard to help operators fill up Textboxes like the one shown below. This keyboard is called by clicking the GOLD colored buttons found in several forms within the application. When the user is finished entering text on the keyboard and presses the button “Terminal” I need...
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    Has anyone here worked with the new SerialPort class?

    Has anyone in this forum done some work with the new SerialPort class in the Framework 2.0? I’m starting a new project that will involve communicating with several RS-232 Serial devices and will like to know if there are sample codes already out there, using this new class in VB.NET 2005...
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    Can I Post question concerning VB.NET 2005 Beta here?
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    Resources Tab in VB.Net 2005

    I had added 15 images to the Resources Tab on my project; these images are named Product_1….. To Product_15 I have a Button1 and a Picturebox1 on form1. Question: If this is the code for showing the image of Product_1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e...
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    Need Help with this code:

    Need Help with this code: This is what I have: Every time I click on button1: DisplayPhoto(PictureBox1, arrProductNumber(0)) I call this sub: Sub DisplayPhoto(ByVal PhotoFrame As PictureBox, ByVal j As Integer) PhotoFrame.Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(Application.StartupPath &...
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    Can I save all this code by calling the Showdialog method instead?

    Can I save all this code by calling the Showdialog method instead? I have 25 forms in the project, since this is a Kiosk application all forms NEED to be close before moving on to the next. QUESTION: Can I save all this code? If IsNothing(FormCancelarCard) = False Then If...
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    How can I modify it so it only removes the IMAGES without erasing the pictureboxes?

    This code erases all 18 pictureboxes and Images from the form: How can I modify it so it only removes the IMAGES without erasing the pictureboxes? Sub RemovePhotos() Dim Pic As Control For Each Pic In formSelectedItems.Controls If TypeOf Pic Is...
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    Bug in VB.Net 2005 Express Beta 2 and SQL

    Bug in VB.Net 2005 Express Beta 2 and SQL I wrote some time before concerning a bug about MyMovieCollection sample kit. It turns out that this is NOT a bug for this particular application but instead a bug that appears to belong to either SQL or VB.Net 2005 Beta 2. Could you guys run...
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