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    Target Invocation Exception with Excel NewSeries

    Using Excel 2007 and Visual Studio 2003 This function throws a target invocation exception Private Function ExcelNewSeries(ByVal sercol As Excel.SeriesCollection) As Excel.Series Dim series As Excel.Series series = CType(sercol, Object).GetType.InvokeMember("NewSeries"...
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    Every combination of letters and numbers

    What are you actually trying to achieve? Are you talking about generating every possible 14 character string using a set of 36 characters (26 letters and 10 digits) with at least one letter and one number in each because thats a lot of strings (36^12)*26*10
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    if Typeof ... fails

    I finally uncovered the cause; I had a refence to a project set to copy-local. For some reason it was changing the signature of the copied dll which was causing the typeof comparison to return false when it should have returned true JohnH thanks for your help and input.
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    if Typeof ... fails

    I have just done a clean build on a completely separate machine and got the same error.
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    if Typeof ... fails

    Thanks for that I am using VS 2003 on some legacy code. I did as you suggested and it worked but ... I got clean code out and recompiled it and got the same error back. This time deleting the obj and bin folders hasn't resolved the problem. Any further thoughts?
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    if Typeof ... fails

    I have a function that takes a generic interface ISettings. I want to treat it differently depending on a more specific type so I use if typeof x is CSettings then HandleCSettings(x) else if typeof x is DSettings then HandleDSettings(x) else HandleDefaultSettings(x) end if When I pass...
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    Help with macros to configure settings

    I am trying to write a macro to reconfigure my project. Specifically I want to be able to close up all the projects in the solution explorer and change the single startup project. I would be grateful for any pointers
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