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    Update Excel Spreadsheet

    Hello All, I am trying to update a excel spreadsheet from VB.NET then print it. I would like for the data from the VB form to be placed in various cells in the spreadsheet. All calculations would be done in excel then I would print the spreadsheet. I noticed that the data is not being...
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    Updating Access with UPDATE Statement with VB.NET 2K3

    Hello all, I'm trying to update data in an Access database but according to VB.NET I have a syntax error in my UPDATE SQL Statement. I have looked over this code over and over and again but I just don't see any problems with what I have. I can update one field at a time but I would like to do...
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    Something simple-----

    I'm trying my hardest to get adjusted to writing code in VB.NET and I have something that is eluding me. If I want the text in txtgb1Age.Text to be placed into a word doc I normally do something like this dim MyAge as string MyAge = txtgb1Age.TEXT...
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