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    How do I find out how many items have been populated into a datagrid?

    I need help! I just need to find out (if its possible) to retrieve or count the amount of records that have been populated to the datagrid from a query... Basically test if the amount of records is > 1... If you have any Ideas, please help!!!
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    Resetting a dropdownlist after a postback

    I'd guess its a pretty easy but I just havent learned to do it.... Incase your wondering and it would help all I want is on a postback to set the selectedindex of the list to '0' (the first entry) Just need and example of the code!! Please help!
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    Grouping data already in the dataset

    Hey, I'm stuck with a problem I have to get sorted out!! I'm need to group data thats already been loaded into a dataset. The data is loaded populated to a dropdownlist. Sql server database in case you're wondering... The user must select the desired printer model, and the next query fires...
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    Inserting data from textboxes to a database?

    Hey, got a little problem....again....hoping for some help!! OK, I need to insert data into a SQL server database from textboxes, each textbox the entry for a different field, of course! Its simple enough writing the queries, but how do you have query take the information in the textboxes as...
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    adding data to a dropdownlist already containing items

    Well, I'm hoping someone can help me.... I've got a web application that queries data from a database based on selections made in previous dropdownlists. The problem is that some of the final queries return only one data item. I'm using the onSelectedIndexChanged with autopostback enabled as...
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