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    Is there a way to center datagrid columns?

    Is there a way to center datagrid columns without having to totally customize each column? I figure there is some kind of .alignment attribute that I'm not finding.
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    Access to path "C:\Program Files\...\myfile.xml" is denied

    I've created a deployment. I'm getting an error when trying to write to an xml file. Everything works on my computer. I installed the program onto another computer and i get this error. Access to path "C:\Program Files\...\myfile.xml" is denied When I created the deployment, I included...
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    windows installer package not being created

    Can some point me to a webpage or recommend a book for me about the .net deployment. The problem i'm having is the windows installer package isn't being created when I go through the deployment process. I tried using the wizard, but i'm not familar with all the setup options. The solution...
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    Can't read XML data above element(12)

    I'm trying to read data from an XML file with 18 elements. Elements 0 through 12 work fine, but when I try to read element(13) or above I get this error: An unhandled exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in Test1.exe Additional information: Object reference not set to...
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    how to find a .xml's location after deployment?

    I need to access some xml files but how can I find the location of the xml files have a user has installed my program onto his own PC? Currently I have written my xmlfile.load() to a specific location, but its not going to work unless the user installs the files on his PC in the same location.
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    How to set shortcut target to .exe file?

    I'm using the setup wizard and trying to deploy a sample application. I'm creating shortcuts in the User's Desktop and in the User's Programs Menu. How do I get the shortcut to specifically open the .exe file. I can set the shortcut target to the Application Folder, which only contains the...
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