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    Exporting Data to Excel, adjusting column settings

    went further in the code and now im at the point where, I wanna be able to keep a summary of what I did like this Building number unit number number area 1 101 bedroom 2 201 bathroom 10 308 living room and so on then be able to transfer to excel, I guess have a button after I am...
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    excel 11.0 library ?????

    excel 11.0 library ????? [RESOLVED] when I reference this library and start my code as such: dim eApp as Excel.application----its not reconizing excel in the interop libary why???
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    Exporting data to Excel

    I want to take information from drop downs that I have selected Example" dropdownmenu1----building number----my selection-----1 dropdownmenu2-----unit number------my selection-------101 dropdownmenu3-----unit area-------my selection--------kitchen I want to be able to take thses...
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    Transfering data from VB.NET to Excel

    I am creating a program using a series of drop downs, I am looking to get the information after I have made all my selections, to transfer into excel for sorting and report printing. Any possible help and please I tried a few ways and no luck.
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