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    Camera from Excel to VB.NET

    Hi, I have various camera views in an Excel sheet, and am wondering if I can open/display these programmatically in a windows form/web form. At the moment, the only way I can seem to do it is to open Excel and use copy and paste to make the camera view into a picture file first, then insert...
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    Transparent forms in MDI container

    Reply Hi. Thanks for the response This is the code I am using to display a new child window. It is attached to a button click: Dim MDIChild As New AppWindow MDIChild.MdiParent = Me MDIChild.Show() I tried setting AppWindow.BackColor = Color.Transparent but an error was thrown saying...
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    Transparent forms in MDI container

    I've got a bunch of forms which use the TransparencyKey property to shape the window (round off the corners), and the opacity property to give a slight see-through effect. When I try to use them as children in a MDI window, the transparency and opacity settings are not applied. Am I missing...
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    Remoting to a database

    We are trying to use remoting to retrieve a list of users from a database stored on a server machine. We know we have communication between the client application and the server application, but we receive the following exception message for any attempts to access the database. (All data...
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