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    Finding Client IP

    Finding Client IP [resolved] Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forums, but I couldn't seem to find the right one for this particular case. So, I'm making a windows form to be a server for a chat program I'm making (internet chat). I'm creating a client, and the client knows which IP...
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    Incredibly Large Numbers

    To anyone reading, I was wondering if there was a good way to handle incredibly large numbers (on the order of 1,000,000 + digits). Is there any way to make visual basic actually recognize said numbers and use them in normal functions? (as in +, -, *, /, Mod, \, ^... etc) My best guess...
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    multiple keypresses?

    I was wondering if you can make a form accept multiple keypresses? I was trying to make something and if you had 2 keys down at the same time it would only register as if only one of those 2 keys was held down. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Desktop Resolution

    Hey guys i was wondering if there was any way for me to find out the resolution of the machine that my program is running on. Thanks for any input.
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    Spawning multiple forms

    I don't know if you can do this in Visual basic but is there any way to make your program open itself (like a form starting that same form on the screen) Sorry if that's not clear but basically i want my form to open itself more than once. Thanks for any replies.
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