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    Balloon for my system tray icon

    I have an application which can run in sytem tray. Now at particular times, i want the application to come out with a popup to notify a message to the user. It has to be similar to the one we get for automatic updates from the system tray icon. I initially thought of using a form but it wont...
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    windows application in startup

    Thanks a lot guys. I have made my program as startup by adding a shortcut in programs->startup and also making an entry in autoexec.nt file. Missing even one of the above does not work for me. Anyway have got it to work. But would like to take into to consideration the registry entry example...
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    windows application in startup

    Hi, I have a windows application developed which can run in system tray. I want to set up the executable to run while the OS starts. One way, i can think of doing it is by writing a windows service which calls my windows application and then set the service to run automatically. I find this a...
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