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    compile msvc++ source howto

    Hi I have downloaded a source file, and I need to compile it with msvc++.NET, but I dont know how to. Can someone tell me, I have tried everything
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    How do you define a structure. I am using this code Structure PhoneList End Structure but it is underlining PhoneList and when I put the pointer over it, it reads. Anyone know why I am getting this?
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    Access DataBase & Textboxes

    Does anyone know how to navigate and edit Access DB using textboxes? Thanks
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    Hi, I was trying to write an alogorithm so it could find the GCF(Greatest Common Factor) of two numbers, and someone gave me a function along with some other code. but my question is how this function works, if anyone could explain it step by step what is doing that would be great. Public...
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    Create Database

    Hi, I am learning how to work with DataBases. I found some code on the internet that creates a database. Everything Works fine, but I am trying to make sense of what everything does. After doing some research I found out that the try,catch,finally keywords are good for error handling, however...
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