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    Error in execution after Installation

    Hi! I am working on my project which includes SQLdataadapter, Datasets & Crystal Reports. My problem is that even after making setup my program does't run on any other machine (it works fine on my system), after installation when I execute the .exe file it show some problem related to...
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    Running SQL Queries in VB.Net2003

    Hi to every one in the Forum. I am working on a college Project in which I am using VB.NET 2003 & SQL Server2000. I am facing a very silly error in Running SQL Queries. I am not able to Run SQL Queries in which 'AND' is used :p . What I want is that when a button is clicked Query should Run &...
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    Taking Printout from Datagrid.

    Hi friends! I am working on project in which I am using Vb.Net 2003 Pro. and SQL Server 2000. My problem is that after filtering the database using SQL Query I want to take the print out of the filtered database which can be seen in the datagrid. Is there any procedure to take the...
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    Can't run Data Form Wizard

    I am new user of Vb.Net & I am facing a problem that when I try to make a data form with the help of Data form wizard, an Error msg appears i.e. " Could Not Run the 'C:\program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio.Net\Vb7\VBProjectltems\Local Project ltems\Data\.. \.. \WinDataForm.vsz' Wizard." Plz...
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