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    PropertyGrid: Objects with subproperties

    I am having a problem with objects that have other objects as properties on a property grid. Now when I display ths object clsPropsFrame on the property grid, everything shows up as expected, except when I try to edit the x,y,or z of location which is of type clsPropsVec3, it ignores the change...
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    Replace function for System.Array

    Hello. as you may know the Strings class has a Replace function which is designed to replace all of a charactor/string that exists in a string you specify. What I want is a similar function that for example takes an array of integers, searches the array for an integer value I specify, and...
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    Calling Conv3ds from within Program

    OK, I am using Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Edition, and I am trying to call conv3ds from within a program. Here's the code: CommandStr = " -o " & RetFile & " " & File3ds RunApp = Application.StartupPath + "\Conv3ds.exe" Shell(RunApp & CommandStr, AppWinStyle.NormalFocus, True) But...
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