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    Question How to extract pdf from web page

    Hi, I am working on a project where i need to extract pdf information from a web page like this one: SQL For Dummies - Allen G. Taylor - Google Books I am needing the pdf information about the book so that i can present it in my application. Any advice? Thanks
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    Dataset Transaction problem

    Hi I have a problem with implementing transactions with my application. My code goes like this: public Function processCoursePayment() --- --- code --- mancosa.payCourse() --- --- code --- End Function Code: public Function payCourse() Dim sd As...
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    gridview columns displayed and not

    Hi all, I am using a gridview to display data from a dataset using this code: Dim sd As DataSet1TableAdapters.DataTable2TableAdapter = New DataSet1TableAdapters.DataTable2TableAdapter() Dim ds As DataSet1.DataTable2DataTable = New DataSet1.DataTable2DataTable Dim...
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    Question Get data source output parameters

    Hi, I am using VS 2008 and created a web page. I have a number of controls which I dragged and dropped on the form including the SQLDataSource. I used the properties table to set the input to 'stored procedure'. So in my aspx.vb file I just use the code: mySQLDataSource.insert() Everything...
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    VW2005 and VW2008

    Hi, I recently moved my project to VW2008 from V2005 but is now having problems running it. Basically I have a web form which connects to a SQL server database. I do insert data via the form when the submit button is clicked. I am using StoredProcedure for this. I had to make changes to...
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