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    multiple choice in vbnet help

    thanks for your help,i used select statemets and went the long way round and had to remove bits and pieces but the work was submitted yesterday.Now i can work on it at my lesiure untill i understand everything better.
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    passing data to another form

    hi i am aving two problems. 1) i am trying to store an integer in a textbox so that it can be used again score = textbox1.text + 1 textbox2 = score 2)How can i pass the above integer to other forms. i.e the score is an update of a calculation so if a user scores 1 point in 1 test and in...
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    reading from a table

    how do i declare the dt.rows bit Dim dt As rows but it says rows not declared can you point me inthe right direction any help appreciated.
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    multiple choice in vbnet help

    i have created a database with two tables,(tblQuestions and tblAnswers),the aim is to pull one questions at a time from the tblQuestions and using radion buttons pull 5 answers for each question randomly from the table.I am using textboxes for the questions with five radiobuttons below it with...
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    reading from a table

    i am trying to get my vbnet program to read from the table,i have found a way to read colmuns but how do i read from rows. i.e. TextBox1.Text = dr(0) TextBox2.Text = dr(1) TextBox3.Text = dr(2) this will read across the first row but how do i get it to go to the next...
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    beginner help

    i am writing a program where questions and answers are stored in a database. The user will select the answer to the question from the datbase multiple choice. What i need to know is how to acess the database and choose 4 random answers and one right answer from a database such as microsoft...
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