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    How do we create an accessor method

    Gentlemen, How do we create an accessor method for enumeration variables? A quick example, (I understand there are syntax errors below but that is not important) ********************************** public enum Showme s1=0 s2=0 s3=0 end enum public enum Showme get ? set ? end sub...
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    A skeleton

    Happy New Year to all, Could someone please show me a skeleton of code on how to write a DLL file where its tasks are to open a file to extract the data and then creates an object of the obtained data and passes it on to an application? Please advise, Thanks. blumonde
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    How do we skip the uninstall step

    Hello all, When I need to reinstall the application, how can I set the setup.exe to overwrite the previous version so that I don't have to unstall the previous version before installing the new version. Please help. Thanks. blumonde
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    No folder created on start/menu

    Hi all, I went through the deployment walkthroughs and did exactly according to the MSDN steps. However, When I run the setup, I can get the shortcut on the desktop but when I go to start/programs there is no folder of my application on the menu. Anyone know why? Please help. Cheers, blumonde
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    How do we look up users

    Hi all, Is there a way in to find out who has a file checked out in a network environment? A few users are using my application and the application is set to lock up file while a user reading it. For instance, 1st user opens a file using my application. And if the 2nd user tries to...
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    Server id

    Gentlemen, I need to access a folder on a server. In order to do that, I need to find a way to use the server address which is something like I don't want to use the regular path way such as \\theserver\folders\myfolder\ How do I write the code to grap the server myfolder...
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    Printing problems

    Gentlemen, I use the sub below to print the application help manual. The problem is that it stops printing after the first page. How can I fix this so it will print the next page or until nothing more to print. The help manual is about a page and a half. Please help. blumonde PrivateSub...
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    Locking form resizing

    Gentlemen, Is there a way to lock a form's borders so that users cannot resize it with their mouse during runtime? Please help. blumonde
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    Accessing Groupboxes

    Hiya Gentlemen, I have a long windows form. It has 100 text fields on it. I name them field#1 to field#100. The form size is set to display from field#1 up to field#50 only. The form has a verticle scrollbar so that users can access fields that are below field#50. I have thought of a better...
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    Combobox readonly

    Hello folks, I have a dropdown list combobox. I would like to make it readonly so that users will have to select an item from the list -- instead of typing in their own item. How can I set the combobox to be like that? It doesn't have the readonly option. Please help. Cheers, blumonde
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    Check the screen size

    Hi Folks, Is there a way to check the size of the screen so that my form will load to fit the current screen size? I have different users with small or large screens. Some of them with small screens are unable to view the whole form. Please show me how to do it. Thanks. Cheers, :)...
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    Hi all, I added the printdialog component to my form. I created a button called "Print". On the form, I have a multiline textbox. When I click on print, how do I instruct the printdialog to print the content of the multiline textbox. So far, it prints a blank page. Below is my code of the...
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    How to bring up a help file

    Gentlemen, I added the helpprovider control to my form. In its properties, I set the "helpnamespace" to help.htm I added a help button the my windows form. How do I invoke up the help.htm file when I click on the help button? I read the msdn library on helpprovider control but couldn't...
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    Is there a way to insert text where the text cursor is at?

    Gentlemen, I have a multitext box displaying a paragraph. I would like to know how we can programmatically insert a sentence into the body of the paragraph. I know the string member "Insert" can do the inserting but I need to know a way to detect where the text cursor is at so that I can...
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    Is there a way to include help text to a button?

    Does anyone know how we can include help text to a button? For instance, when a user hover the mouse cursor over a button, a help message popups to explain the functionality of the button. I checked the properties of button control but didn't see anything relating to this option. Please...
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    How do we do text searches on a multitextbox ?

    Gentlemen, I use a multitextbox to display some document. I need to find a way to search a word in the document. I checked its methods. I didn't see anything I could use. Please help. Thanks. blumonde
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    A VB.Net "LostFocus" event's bug ?

    Hi folks, I don't know if anyone has seen this bug. If you place a "" statement for a message in the lostfocus event of a combobox/textbox, the damn message will popup FOREVER when exiting out of it. It won't let you exit the combobox/textbox. An infinite loop! Please try it...
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    A Client Server application question

    I built a windows application. I don't know if I can install it on the server where end-users can run it simultanously from the server or I have to install my appl. individually on each workstation of the end-users. Please tell me my options and what do I have to do to get it done right...
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    The text cursor is not blinking

    Hi all, When I click on a button on form2. I set it to focus a text field on form1. It does set the focus on that text field. However, the text cursor is no longer blinking on and off like it should. How do we make it blinking in the text field? Please help. Thanks. blumonde
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    How do we force the combobox to do the dropdown upon entry

    Hello gentlemen, How can we have a combobox dropdown its list automatically when entering it ? Thanks. blumonde
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