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    Unable to create SQL Query using parameters

    I have created a parameter called "Sku_Name" with properties Value type = string Discrete Values Allow multiple values is unchecked. Then using the Report Expert I am trying to create a Parameterized SQL query. SELECT Run.Sku_ID, Run.Run_Placement, Avg(Tag.Tag_Count), stdev(Tag.Tag_Count)...
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    ComboBox Does Not Clear When You Set SelectedIndex to -1

    All, Am binding a dataset to a combobox control at form load, Code : Private sub form1_Load() ---- --- Try objClientDataAdaptor.Fill(objDataSet, "Client_Name") cboClient.DataSource = objDataSet.Tables("Client_Name") cboClient.DisplayMember = "Client_ID"...
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    Opening MDI Child form within a MDI Parent form

    All, Am trying to open a MDI child form by clicking a node in a Treeview control docked on the left side of a MDI Parent form . This is the code on node click , Dim NewMDIChild As New frmClientList 'Set the Parent Form of the Child window. NewMDIChild.MdiParent = Me 'Display the new form...
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