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    Referencing each property in a object using a loop...

    It is "possible", but chances are if you are looking at this then you need a better data structure. The array suggestion is good. One way to dynamically reference a property of an object: System.Web.UI.DataBinder.Eval(yourobject, "rm1") You could use a loop to construct the property name.
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    Comparing MSAccess 2003 with MSDE ??? plz

    The one by TechGnome. I quoted it. I think the development goals and requirements need to be assessed before you can discuss the pros and cons.
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    Finding a child control via Javascript

    here's a hint: accept a parameter to your javascript function. then send in the client id of the control as the parameter.
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    dynamically build table from code

    How about adding a literal control to your page, then using your asp to generate the table to a stringbuilder, then writing the stringbuilder to the literal?
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    Increment column in a table

    Is the initial value of the column NULL? Or does Last_Break already contain a numeric value? What is the database and datatype? (The SQL appears valid to me.)
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    Comparing MSAccess 2003 with MSDE ??? plz

    I have experience with both Access and MSDE. I agree with the above post completely.
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