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    Decimal value from database gets converted to int in app

    Hi all I am returning a decimal value from a stored procedure from my database to my app and in the application the value gets rounded off to integer. I have tried Cdec function and formatcurrency function but no luck. In the stored procedure I used the output statement and return...
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    Help ---Generate Report using richtext box

    Hi I am very new to reports...I want to have a sql query result to show as a report. I was trying to work with richtext and made a Word file with extention .rtf and then I was trying to replace the file with the sql query result. The following is the code. Any ideas are welcome Private Sub...
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    Help with form activation

    Hi This sounds very simple.I have a main form and another form is called from it. Right now I can just switch to any form( the main form and the called form when they both are activated). How can I make it possible that only when I close the child form I get the main form activated. Thanks for...
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    DataGrid binding problem

    Hello Everyone I am building a sales register with VB.NET and SQL. I have a datagrid which displays all the items to be sold. It is bound to a dataset. The grid Displays an item on a button click which passes the product Id. I can have multiple items displayed on the grid. Now the problem is...
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    DataGrid Problem

    hi everyone. i have some very simple questions about datagrid (VB.NET). How do we set the columns width. How do we set the columns Header text. I know we get the default column name from the database but how to show your customised name. thanks
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    Calling the local PC's property on to VB.NET form

    Hi everyone I don't know if this is possible but I want to get the PC's name into .net Form. If you right click My Computer Icon and choose properties, you can get to computer's name. So, is it possible to do something like that. Thanks in advance for looking.
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    How to have Multiple Instances of a application

    Hello everyone I have a windows application. The app is a sales register for a business. Now I want it to support multiple instances of the app at different computers at same time. Any ideas how that is possible. I have heard about database locking(but dont know much about).... Also with that i...
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    Help with calling form

    Hi this is a very simple problem, but I cannot get over it. I have a grid on my main form(Inventory.vb) and the grid displays the items in the inventory table. I have a method "look" in the class, which takes the Product ID as parameter and this method selects the row in the grid, with the...
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    Help with adding a column to dataset or datagrid

    Hello everyone I have a application that displays products from my inventory table in the datagrid. I use a dataadapter to fill the dataset. Now every thing is fine but I want to add another column (say Row no.), which starts with value 1 and increment its value by one every time another row is...
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    Help with datagrid column

    Hello everyone I have a datagrid which shows selected rows from my Inventory table. One of the columns in the datagrid shows the price of the item. How can I add the price column for the whole datagrid and display that in a label. Thanks in advance
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    Help with dataset and datagrid

    Greetings to everyone I am creating a sales application(sales register) and I am tring to show items from my database Inventory table to the datagrid. I put the "Item ID" in a textbox and that item appears in the datagrid by binding the data to it. My application works for just one item and I...
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