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    Object Reference

    I dont think he can handle form1.paint event on the same class that form1 is defined. A window form usually handles Mybase.paint event. As a matter of fact, IDE generates error if you try to handle the form1.event instead of mybase.event "Handles clause requires a WithEvents variable". Iam...
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    Object Reference

    you are calling a gameclass.paint(e) without initializing the object. In other words, a class must must have an instance before its members are called (keyword: new). You can initialize a class as gameclass = new gameclass(...) then call gameclass member in the paint eventhandler or make a...
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    Reference to ParentForm

    I dunno if i understand you question but it seems that u have a childforms ( in the dll) and you are trying to pass data back to the parent form (in the .exe). There are few possible ways to accomplish your task, but one of the ways is to create a separate dll and add a class with some shared...
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    scrollbar buttons-click?

    you can try subclassing a scrollbar control but iam not sure if you will be able to detect whether up or down button was clicked But here is how i handle such a problem '1-create a global value to track the previous value of scrollbar before click Private previousValue AsInteger '2-on...
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    Loading ListBox

    This is your problem lstBox.DataSource = cboArrayloading.SelectedItem In your case, you have been passing a pure string value "Array1 or Array2" and trying to do databinding on that string. You can do a databind if you a passing an object that impliments IList ( string doesn't). There are few...
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    Compare TextBox.backcolor with IF THEN Statement

    Try Converting color to integer value You can convert the color to Integer value using Color.ToArgb() function which will give you the colors'integer equivalent value If TextBoxA.BackColor.ToArgb <> System.Drawing.Color.Gray.ToArgb Then TextBoxB.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.White End If
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    How to use application keys?

    Well, Iam new to this forum so please forgive me if I violate few rules in here. Back to the point: First as a word of advice; anyone can disassamble ur .net application by using reflection calls to read your private data. You may want to set ReflectionPermission to your whole assembly. That...
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