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    passing data to another form

    hi i am aving two problems. 1) i am trying to store an integer in a textbox so that it can be used again score = textbox1.text + 1 textbox2 = score 2)How can i pass the above integer to other forms. i.e the score is an update of a calculation so if a user scores 1 point in 1 test and in...
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    multiple choice in vbnet help

    i have created a database with two tables,(tblQuestions and tblAnswers),the aim is to pull one questions at a time from the tblQuestions and using radion buttons pull 5 answers for each question randomly from the table.I am using textboxes for the questions with five radiobuttons below it with...
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    reading from a table

    i am trying to get my vbnet program to read from the table,i have found a way to read colmuns but how do i read from rows. i.e. TextBox1.Text = dr(0) TextBox2.Text = dr(1) TextBox3.Text = dr(2) this will read across the first row but how do i get it to go to the next...
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    beginner help

    i am writing a program where questions and answers are stored in a database. The user will select the answer to the question from the datbase multiple choice. What i need to know is how to acess the database and choose 4 random answers and one right answer from a database such as microsoft...
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