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    Hi everyone, I am trying to create an AVI file for my program; it is needed to record every move it will done in operating the software. If anyone knows how to do it, or if he/she can send me an example in how to do that using it will be very much appreciated. Thanks!!
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    COM object that has been separated .....

    Hi everyone, i am getting this message "COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW can not be used" when i am trying to add into a combo box from a recordset while another process is in progress. I am using I have tried to install a .framework SP2 but i was not...
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    How to catch the event in DataGrid?!

    I have created a table using datagrid in I want to catch the event when make any changes in one of the cells in the data grid. I have tried almost all the properties for the datagrid, but i couldn't find a solution!!. Thanks!!
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