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    I need help fixing errors

    Follow the following steps. 1. Copy the whole DoubleBaconBurger Class inside Burger Class, ie Burger Class contains DoubleBaconBurger Class. 2.Create an object of Burger Class and initialize it to access DoubleBaconBurger Class
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    I need help fixing errors

    Understood DoubleBaconBurger is the datatable holding info. But untill it's not a memeber of Burger Class how can u write something like Dim objBurger As New Burger.DoubleBaconBurger(nudBaconSlices.Value). That seems to be the root of the problem.
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    CRystal / - same output with different data

    Let us have an XML file (Student.Xml) like this <Student> <Name></Name> <RollNo></RollNo> </Student> U select this file as and drag & drop the fields to the crystal report at design time. Next Call the following function Private Sub FillStudentDataTable( ' create a DataTable Dim...
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    I need help fixing errors

    Hi krazykrisi, Earlier I tried to reply with explanation but I don't know what happened. It's not posted. I can't write it again. Please replace your if els end if codes with this one and try If radBaconBurger.Checked Then Dim objBurger As New Burger objBurger...
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    Crystal Report

    I'm telling u how to programatically export one crystal report( As u want one .pdf file for each book). 1. Fill the crystal report with one book info. 2. Call ExportReportAsPDF(CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource) 3. Following is function definition ExportReportAsPDF Private Sub...
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    I need help fixing errors

    Please tell me the Burgers Class structure( all methods, properties, functions etc.)
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