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    uptill now No Correct Answer(runtime binding with server of the data base)

    Hi i have placed the question but no body provide me corret answer the prob is that m trying to connect crystal reports 9 at runtime to the server and data base but the reports get connected to the server on which they r designed programtically they m triying but no success kindly help me
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    ConnetionString in Crystal Reports

    Bonjoure Members i Have a problems in crystal reports here is the problem stated under "my reports r located on other system ,application is running on some other system .i want to connect to server db,user id ,pasword throug file ,what r the properties like ( reportdocment ,reprortsourec...
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    Crystal Reports Logical Err

    Good Morning to All My Fellow Members I am attaching a code the dbifo.ini file is for data bse connectivity please when u run it chage the server name plz problem is that reports shows only one record in disply i am try to display all the records but only one is comming all the rest r overwited...
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    CDO.Error Message

    i am try to mail from my application but Error is raising every time i send the mail Error message is Cannot Access the "CDO.Message Object"
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