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    won/loss average

    I sure hope someone can help me. I am currently the world's most confused person. I am trying to run this query: SELECT * FROM nfcnorth Order By Won / (Won + Loss)DESC Here are the results: TeamID TeamName Won Loss CHC Chicago 2 3 DET...
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    divide by zero

    I have a table that contains football teams, and the number of wins and losses that they have. I am ordering them by win percentage, so they are in order of first place down to last. Here is my query: select * from nfcnorth order by won / won + loss The problem is when a team has no wins...
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    I will admit that I don't know much about variable length strings. I have a variable in a database defined as nvarchar 40, and I am setting the parameter in my program the same way. However, it is receiving all 40 characters. I thought the purpose of variable length strings was that it...
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    update access database

    I know very little about oledb so bare with me. I have a program with an access database connection. Everything seems to work fine except updating. It doesn't generate any error, but the updates are not made to the database. Here is some of my code: Here is my Update Command Text...
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