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    Excel SaveAs

    oExcel.Workbooks("C:\report\res.xls").SaveAs("C:\Test1.xls") oExcel.Workbooks(("C:\Test1.xls")).Save() oExcel.Workbooks(("C:\Test1.xls")).Close() or oExcel.Workbooks(("C:\report\res.xls")).Close(SaveChanges:=True, "C:\Test1.xls") i tired to use above 2 statements but unfortunately SaveAs...
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    Error while Trying to open EXE

    can any one please let me know why this error occurs?? I have Microsoft .NET Framework SDK v1.1 installed in my mahcine and i am trying to run exe
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    GMT TO LMT Conversion function

    Can some one please point out me the exact function i can use to convert GMT time to LMT (Local Mean Time) in .NET in below list I have less time, if some one points me ,it would be gr8 getTime Method | getTimezoneOffset Method | getUTCDate Method | getUTCDay Method | getUTCFullYear Method |...
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    SaveAs exception

    Exception from HResult:0x800A03EC. is getting thrown when ever i am trying to save excel using command oSheet.SaveAs("C:\sss.xls",Excel.XlFileFormat.xlWorkbookNormal) where i added "Microsoft Office 11.0 Object Library" and "Microsoft Office 10.0 object library" i am using MS-office...
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    RPC Exception in Excel.Application

    I am using a function to add excelsheet to excelbook (passing excelbook object as reference). (For dynalic insertion of excel sheets in book , i am updating iNumber) Public Function AddExcelSheet( ByRef Xlb As Object, Optional ByVal sWorkBookName As String = "") As Object Dim Xlsw As...
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    Office 2003 issue

    I already had code that uses Office references . References added were 1.Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 Library 2.Microsoft Office 10.0 Object library 3..... My code is working well with Microsoft office 2000 (i am using excel application) but when i tried to run on office 2003, excel...
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    Can any one provide sample code to run application from both command line prompt and from UI to explain in simple....... say i have a form with 3 text boxes with displays sum of values(of 2 text boxes when clicked on Add button (in 3rd text box).. also i can provide data in xml file...
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    unknown unhandled exception

    I have developed a small VB.NET application which browse and selects SQL Profiler log file and generated some report in excel When i tired to run on win 2000 , it's working with out any issues when i tired to run on win 2003 server , its give exception as: "An unhandled exception has...
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    Stepa to create an exe

    I am 'Setup Project' to create an exe i have added folders to 'Application Folder' - Primaryoutput and few dependent files - i am able to launch application after installation by clicking exe now i need a single exe in desktop and also in Programs Menu, For tht i added same output folder...
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    List all tables in Database (ADODB)

    I have added ActiveX Data Objects reference (ADODB) when i am trying to use rs = conn.OpenSchema(adSchemaTables) error exists - No OpenSchema method.. am i missing any thing can some one please confirm
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    WorkSheet Function

    i am using Excel Object API in VB.NET Dim X1 As Object X1 = CreateObject("Excel.Application") Dim res As Double = X1.WorkSheetFunction.Percentile(dblData,p) here is dblData is array of type double which has recordset column values, There is an exception saying. "Unable to get the Percentile...
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    Calculating Percentile...

    hi Is there any built in API that calculates Percentile given set of records in VB.NET?? Regards, Deepthi
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    SQL Servers available in intranet -- listing duplicates

    hi all, i am using SQLDMO API in VB.NET and when using SQLDMO.Application.ListAvailableSQLServers , to list all available intranet severs in to combo box. duplicates are shown . how to get distinct sql servers?? have any one got same problem... please let me know.. Thanks, Deepthi
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    Selecting Combo box item at runtime

    I am very new to VB.NET... How can stop execution for few minutes accept some input and continue further... i mean in middle of execution (After creating a table and inserting values) i want to select a Combobox item (column values) and msgbox has to appear to confirm selected item and if...
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    Getting "System Error" when trying to execute query

    I am getting System Error when trying to execute below query from VB.NET QueryCmd.CommandText = "select substring(substring(convert(varchar(512),textdata) ," & _ "charindex('exec', convert(varchar(512),textdata))+5, 512),1," & _ "case" & _ "when charindex(' '...
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    Used TextDriver to connect cvs , Problem while calculating MAX of column

    Hi everyone, i have a csv file with 1000 records with a column header and decimal values. In VB.Net using ADODB record set i want to display max ,Avg of every column. Suppose a column have 0.0001,0.003,0.0123,0.1041,0.000087 as values and when i used query Select Max(<column_name>) from...
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