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    designing a shopping cart with VB.NET !!!!!!!

    hi, I have a question. I wonder why the shopping cart is always designed by other languages than VB.Net like ASP.Net. I want to know if there would be technical problem or it is because they always have used ASP , so they would now use ASP.NET. is it because they frequently use for page...
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    third party or windows component

    hi, I am developing a program that has many .jpeg files in it. what method is the best to use for working with them in the program. I have not worked with picture files before. in this program you should be able to add , show,delete a picture. if any good and easy thing that can edit...
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    designing question

    hello I want to design a database for a doctor. he needs the picture of his patients to be in database before and after surgery. so there would be lots of pictures with .jpeg to deal with. I wanted to know is it better to put the pictures in database or the best way is to put them on a drive...
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    how to do these settings in config file

    hi all, I had a problem with ASP.NET and the in microsoft for the solution has written two things to be done in machine.config file. but i do not know how to do that. can you help me to find out how to do that? 1-set the username attribute to system in the <processmodel> section of the...
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    First running problem

    hi all, I have got a sample program for but when I want to run it it gives this error, i do not perhaps IIS error or some thing related to this can you help me to find the reason. thanks in advance for your help. roseta Server Application Unavailable The web application you are...
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