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    Searching Databases

    IM having troubles with it as the month and year are coming from the ONE textbox
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    Searching Databases

    IS there something like MONTHNAME AND YEAR?? That way if the user inputs January 2005 the SQL query will search for 01/01/2005 - 31/01/2005
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    Opening a new internet explorer window

    Hey all!! I just want to know how to open a new Internet Explorer Browser window. The scenario is as so: User inputs date (i.e January 2005) the program searches the database and returns all the dates with January 2005. I want the Internet Explorer browser to open when a button is clicked.. and...
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    Searching Databases

    It holds the entire date
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    Searching Databases

    Hey All!! Having troubles with searching for data within a DB. I have to RESTRICT the HTML report output by using an IF statement and selecting only the records where the student Birth Month matches a month entered by the user (i.e user defined month). For Example, if the user enters 1, the...
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    Fibonacci Sequence

    Hey All I need to display the fibonacci sequence in a label, repeating it N times where N is the number entered in the textbox. Neone know how to code it? ALSO anyone know how to display the numerical series of the number - that is all the numbers up to that number added together. EG Series...
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    Hey ALL!! Im having troubles with Reversing text from a text box. e.g If the sentence is Hello there then ereht olleH is displayed.. To use the LEN function and accessing a single character with sSentence.chars(icounter) <--- From For LOOP Tk Unlimited!!
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    Extracting from textbox

    Hey ALL!! How do i extract the first three letters from text input into a textbox. E.g Input Franky in a textbox.. Want to extract "Fra" Thanks!!
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    Any ideas how to display a summary of products that are in a listbox, showing how many times it was ordered? E.G PRODUCT QTY Fish 5 Cat 2 Fish 1 Dog 2 ===================== Fish 6
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    Selecting In MULTIPLE listboxes

    Never Mind silly of me! THANKS HEAPS AGAIN!! How do i rate you??
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    Selecting In MULTIPLE listboxes

    Whats that do?? Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 12 ListBox1.Items.Add("Item " & i) ListBox2.Items.Add("Item " & i) ListBox3.Items.Add("Item " & i) Next End Sub
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    Selecting In MULTIPLE listboxes

    Hey All, Im having trouble selecting data stored in listboxes.. I have 6 listboxes all with 'SALES' information and as there are many entries, is it possible when i click on ONE entry it selects all the other entries in the other listboxes in the same position? E.g Select entry in listbox...
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    Calculating change

    When i close the entire program.. Im saving everything into textfiles soo maybe ill just load it from there.. Thanks Heaps anywayz!
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    Calculating change

    Thanks guys Kulrom by putting it in the FOR Loop itll count the items in the listbox.. But thanks for the suggestion.. Any idea how i would keep the orderno value in the label soo when i open it next time the value is still there??
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    Calculating change

    Private Sub btncalculate_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btncalculate.Click Call change() 'Aim: Save files from list 'Declare Variables Dim sFilename As String Dim sr_Marksfile As StreamReader Dim icounter As Integer Dim sLine As String Dim...
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    Calender Control - Date Time picker

    Does anyone know how to convert the Calender Control - DateTime picker to short date format?
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    Calculating change

    Order Number Incrementation My problem is still my order no. Each time i process an order i want the orderno. to increment by one and for some reason += 1 doesnt work.. only just adds one.. and then doesnt add nething else
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    Editing and saving

    That worked thanks heaps!!
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    Calling Public Function

    How would i call this public function Module ArrayStuff Public Sub copyListboxToIntArray(ByVal theList As ListBox, ByVal theArr() As Integer) Dim iLimit As Integer Dim iItemNo As Integer iLimit = theList.Items.Count For iItemNo = 0 To (iLimit - 1) theArr(iItemNo) =...
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    Running Totals

    Let me clear it up for ya Ok i want a running total of the total $ amount in the till... Soo yes the CALCULATION.. I currently calculate each total AFTER i click the calculate button.. HOWEVER i want the program to SUM all of the values that have been calculated..To show a TOTAL for the day...
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