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  1. Merchand

    DropDownList in DataGrid Control

    How do you get your DropDownList (ddl) in a column to show after the columns in the DataGrid control are populated? I have the ddl for each row populated with one or more items but it does on view the ddl until edit time. I have an edit link as the first column and the dll is the last column...
  2. Merchand

    Listbox Objects that are not strings!

    I'm trying to add a multiline textbox to a listbox control. My main objective is to add a multiline error message to a listbox item. How do you add a textbox to the listbox items collection and be able to view it and the data stored in the .text property of the textbox? Any help is greatly...
  3. Merchand

    Calling VB6 exe from VB.net2003

    I have a task to call a few methods/properties in a visual basic 6 .exe from within a VB.net2003 application. I'm invoking the vb6 .exe and setting a property then calling a method based on another property in the .exe. This works good from a vb6 application. However, using com-inter-op and...
  4. Merchand

    IIS Virtual Directory ?

    Can you create a virtual directory for a web site location that points the files to a network drive? We have a big discussion here about it and no solution. I was able to create a VD on my local C and D drives. However when I create (or try) to create VD on a network drive it creates a the...
  5. Merchand

    How does Process.GetCurrentProcess() work?

    How does Process.GetCurrentProcess() work? I'm using the following code in method called GetCurrentHandle(). However, I'm expecting this to return the current handle but it is returning different handles each time. What is GetCurrentProcess really return for the Process? Just trying to...
  6. Merchand

    Dot Net FormsCollection in 1.1 or 2.0

    I know there is not a FormsCollection in VS2003. I'm wanting to create a method to return an ArrayList of all the loaded WinForms in a running Application. I know M$ says you can create your own collection or load OwnedForm collection using AddOwnedForm method. However, I'm looking at creating...
  7. Merchand

    Event Issue within Class Library [DLL]

    Sorry, if this is not the place to put a DLL question. I have a modeless Messagebox class library that will display one of six messageboxes modelessly. I have a common event handler for the six test instantances and all six of the events are attached to the event handler using the "Handes"...
  8. Merchand

    Persist Data in UserControl

    I'm looking for a little help here on how to persist data in a User Control class library in I have this StatusBar UserControl and it is made up of two statusBar constituent controls called sbrMessage and sbrApplication. The sbrMessage is to display any type of message the user wants...
  9. Merchand

    How Do You Turn of Standard Properties

    In UserControls? I'm creating this user control and would like to only make the docking work for top and bottom. But in my test project I can set the dock value to top, bottom and left and right. I'd like to turn off other properies like size, etc...
  10. Merchand

    NumLock & CapsLock in StatusBar [dot net]

    Hey world, it's getting close to go home time here... I'm trying to add the NumLock and CapsLock to a status bar in a UserControl I'm building and it looks like I may have to go to the old API Declares for a GetKeyState() call. Unless there is any one who knows how to set the num and caps...
  11. Merchand

    User Control Property Lifetime [???]

    I'm looking for the right terminology but can find it right now, sorry... Anyway, I vb6 we had the property bag to store the initial values of properties and to keep them after the user changed them. What is the proper way to do this in dot net? Save them to a xml configuration file or use a...
  12. Merchand

    System Info Object in Dot Net

    In VB6 we had a SystemInfo control from M$. Do we have any way of getting system info via a native class. Does anyone know of a way to get the same functionality of SystemInfo ActiveX control in one nice package natively? Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
  13. Merchand

    StatusBar Panel does not have a visible Property

    The old VB6 statusbar panel had a .visiable property. It looks like the new statusbar panel does not have this property. I need to hide two panels if there is no data for the two panels. Do I have to dynamically add and remove panels as needed? Or, is there a way to hide them if not used...
  14. Merchand

    How to find loaded forms

    In Dot Net how do you find what winforms are loaded in one running applicaiton? I know you can do this with an API, but is there a way to do it natively in .net? Also, is there a way to find out what applications are running on a system? (hence, in the the task manager) And is there a way to...
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