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  1. Aiby

    Does Windows XP shipping with .NET frame work

    I feel little embarrassing to ask this question here – may be it’s a stupidity! I am very new to .Net ( working with ):D I have created an application and compiled by Build solution – ok fine I have an App.exe in by Bin folder. My question goes here - can I ship the application by...
  2. Aiby

    Can any one help me to design a User friendly Form in

    For the prupose to Define a Classification of Books! The form shold help the user to define a classificaition structure of Books. Such as Classification - Name Sub Classification Sub Classification Item , Discription eg:- Science Physics Thermal Physics Dynamics Opticals Chemistry...
  3. Aiby

    How to Show Child Forms From though Menu Click Event

    I am Started a Project with Two forms One MDI and Another on with Child. A menu is added in MDI form. Private Sub SubMenuClassification_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles SubMenuClassification.Click frmClassification.Show() End Sub This is not...
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