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    Storing the address of a variable

    I have a collection which, on adding an item, serializes that item and places it in a collection. However, i have one large object which i dont want to serialize because its too big. Instead i want to only store the reference (or pointer) to that object in the collection and then later use that...
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    Hey, Question about downcasting. Ive been comparing 2 DataTables (Which have the same column makeups). Previously i was comparing like this: if table1.rows(x).item(y) == table2.rows(x).item(y) .... But I have now turned option strict and option explicit on. So now i have to cast to a...
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    Casting Problem

    Hey Im having casting problems.. should the following work? dim dTable as DataTable = ... dim enumTable as EnumeratedTable = CType(dTable, EnumeratedTable) PublicClass EnumeratedTable Inherits DataTable End Class
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    Passing Type to a method

    hey I want to pass a type to a method so that I can cast a variable using this type. I cant seem to get it to work. Could someone give me a simple example?
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    Window doesnt load during processing

    Hey I have a button which triggers a non-terminating loop. The only way to exit this loop is to click the button again. I find that the application becomes unresponsive when this loop is running so i cant click the button to stop it. Is there a way to get past this?
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    Getting a Property from Code Behind

    I have a hidden input field specified in my design view: <input type="hidden" value="<% GetNamespace() %>" > The property GetNamespace() is defined and returns a string. I get the error "Property access must assign to the property or use its value" Can anyone see whats wrong?
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    DateTime Problems [resolved]

    Alright, thats one problem resolved.... but what if i want to get the date as a string in the same format? Is there a similar method to ParseExact that will convert to a string using a specified format?
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    DateTime Problems [resolved]

    Hey I have the following string strDate = "06/08/2005 12:10:09:672 PM" (note that milliseconds are included) I want to parse this string into a Date or DateTime but Date.Parse doesnt work. Any suggestions
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