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    VB.NET 2005 & CR w/ Parameters

    I've searched here and MSDN, and CR website, and all over.... and I can't seem to find a solution to my problem, and it's getting to the do or die point in the project. Here's the deal, I'm doing this on a shoestring budget.... in fact it's only one shoestring, not enough capital to get the...
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    Helping You Help Yourself with MSDN Searches

    Sometimes in getting help on something, the key is knowing what to search for. This is something that isn't always intuitive. However, there are certain clues that, if you can spot them, will go a long way. Go ahead and open up and type in "TryParse" as the search...
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    Ambiguous Namespace

    Has any one ever come across the following error? Something recently changed on my machine that has caused the above errors when I reference SQLClient in a project. If I don't add the reference, then I can import it and use the SQL Client just fine. It's like there's a hidden reference to it...
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    RE: Update your Profiles (Primary Platform)

    RE: Update your Profiles (Primary Platform) Ok, that's all fine and dandy.... but what about multiple platforms? I understand that it says "Primary".... but I really do both 1.1 and 2.0 development..... I guess I could just mark off 2.0.... meh... -tg
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    List all FKeys in your Database (SQL Server)

    The following query will list all of the Foreign Keys in your database. It returns the name of the FKey, the source table (where the FKey resides) the destination table (that has the PKey linked to) and the column in both tables involved. It also lists any CASCADE action (if any). Select...
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    Why People? Why?

    Why do people feel it necessary to close threads? Is there some law against leaving a thread open? If people continue to keep closing their threads, I see no point in comming around here. The whole point is to facilitate the freedom of ideas and exchange thoughts, ideas and techniques. But the...
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    How to Get Effective Help Effectively

    Here are some tips on effectively asking for help: 1) Please use meaninful post title. Things like "Please Help" or "Getting Error" aren't usefull. Titles like "Error when executing reader" or "Need help with using arrays" are better. Also adding exclamations point to the title doesn't make it...
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    Upgrade & Changes

    Honestly.... don't like the changes. The idea that I have to first click a button to activate the quick reply goes against the idea of having the quick reply. I might as well hit the "Reply" button. Same amount of effort. Actualy it's more, because now I have to find a post to "reply" to. Usualy...
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    How to Insert Text at Cursor Location

    This had been my reply to another thread, but it got locked while I was composing. I'm posting it here, removing the now non-relevant stuff in the hopes that it may help someone else. There are three properties that are used: * SelectionStart * SelectedText * SelectionLength First up...
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    Report Engine Tool Evaluations, looking for

    Hey, all. I need y'alls help. I'm in the middle of developing an app that (as all apps do) needs to run some reports. What I'm looking for is opinions and experiences on some of the reporting tools out there for .NET. I know all about Crystal, so I don't need any opins on that one. Here's a...
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    ADO.NET version of ADO Chunk methods.

    In VB6/ADO to move binary data in/out of the database we would use the .AppendChunk and .GetChunk methods of the recordset. However, recordsets are no more in ADO.NET. Is there an ADO.NET equivelent of the Chunk methods? I'm having trouble finding examples on how to do this in .NET. All I need...
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