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    ExecutionReader error

    sweet, i will keep that in mind for future reference...thanks for your reply CJARD!!
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    ExecutionReader error

    Solution Hey guys, I was able to work through this with the code I created below. I love it when you can resolve your own issues! It was the ExecuteScalar() function that I was looking for. The problem I was having is that I could not get ExecuteReader() to work. So all is well now, thanks...
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    ExecutionReader error

    Hey guys, what's up?? I am creating a console app that will take input from a user, A customer's SSN and then run some SQL code against that SSN and update some fields in the backend (SQL DB). This will then create a field called MatterID (MID) in the backend as well. All of this works but I...
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    import txt file

    hey guys what's up?? i'm trying to import a .txt file. i've enclosed an example, it's delimeted and contains four or five fields with a couple hundred records. i'm trying to set up a program to import a txt file (from my documents) and store it for referencing. i'm ultimately wanting to...
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