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  1. newbie82

    tooltips only working once

    I have some tooltips that appear when the mouse is over a command button but after the button has been clicked the tooltips no longer appear. Anyone got any ideas why? cheers
  2. newbie82

    tooltips and animated gifs

    Hello, I have some animated gifs on a form that are used as image buttons but when a tooltip appear for a button and covers the animated gif it stops the animation Dodes anyone know why this is and how it could be fixed? Maybe somehow refreshing the image button or something? Thanks in advance!
  3. newbie82

    yet another newbie question!

    question on strings and forms Hello, I have a textbox on 'form4' in which a web address is typed with an 'ok' button under it. When 'ok' is clicked the address is stored as a string: Dim strHomepage As String strHomepage = txthomepage.text On 'form1' there is a button which, when clicked, I...
  4. newbie82

    XP Style progress bars

    Hello, I was wondering how to put in xp style progress bars into my application, is there anybody who can help? Thanks in advance!
  5. newbie82

    newbie questionon forms

    Hello, I am making a web browser and would like to navigate my axwebbrowser to a url specified in a txt box on another form by a click event on a button. This is what I have in the click event: myForm1.AxWebBrowserMain.Navigate(myForm2.coboFav.Text) I get no errors, but it doesnt work. I'm new...
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