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  1. TazNormand

    How to Use Framework 2.0 with VB .net 2003 [RESOLVED]

    Hi, I've just installed the Framework .net 2.0 redist package, and i use VS .net 2003 (only VB .net in fact), when i try to force Framework 2.0 in the Project properties (Generation/Runtime), i only see framework 1.1, 1.0 and 1.1+1.0 Where is the 2.0 ? Is there any patch ? :confused: it's...
  2. TazNormand

    adding buttons tu other running app like actual title buttons(R)

    Hi, I'd like to handle other running applications to add buttons to minimize, maximize, stay on top and minimize to tray like the application from Actual tools ( Actual title buttons. 1st : how to handle forms of all running applications (including ie file downloading...
  3. TazNormand

    SOS URGENT : Free Real Zip Component

    [RESOLVED] SOS URGENT : Free Real Zip Component Hi I explain my problem, Few month ago i've found a free zip compression component. Zip is ok, Winzip 8/9 recognize the file, open it, and decompress it, but the uncompressed file is different (some bytes ~ 100) from the originel file. I...
  4. TazNormand

    Urgent ! SOS ! How to remove CRLF in file

    [RESOLVED]Urgent ! SOS ! How to remove CRLF in file Hi 1st of all i'm french so excuse my bad english, my problem is : I have a mainframe (Bull Gcos7) which transfer to a W2K server an EBCDIC file with record separator (CR & LF), I 've developped a tool that zip it and FTP it to another...
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