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    I have a form with some searchfields ... When i fill in a criterion i want to see the info about it ... f.e. < 'john' > then see : John, 20, Male ... when i click on the button in Form_Search ... i want the results in a DataGrid in Form_Results .... i don't know how to work with...
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    :cool: Hi folks ... Can someone help me with this one ??? 'Insert in Tabel Clienten myDatabase.setQuery("INSERT INTO Clienten (Naam,Voornaam,Tussenvoegsel,Voorletter,Geslacht,Geboortejaar," & _ "Straatnaam,Huisnummer,Toevoegsel,Postcode,Woonplaats)" & _ "VALUES('" & TxtBoxNaam1.Text & "','"...
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    Loop through form

    I have a couple textboxes and comboboxes in my form and a button to go to another panel in the form ( with the data entered )... and want to check if al my controls are filled in ... ( both the textbox and the combobox ) so if i click the button all the controls have to be filled in before...
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    required field

    I have a couple of textboxes an a couple of comboboxes ... what i want to do is ... i want to check wether the textboxes are filled in correct ( ssome are only text and some are only numbers ) how can i check that there are no numbers in the text and in the other case no letters in the text...
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    Open Panel in Form

    :eek: How can I open a panel in the same form after clicking on a button ... :confused: And how to do this in case of opening a form after clicking on a button ...:confused:
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    Listing From Database

    Hi ... :) I was stupid :o and forgot to ask the following ... I have a form where i can put in some info to search in the DB. .. for example a person called " x " in the form i typ in the textbox "x" en than all the persons with the name " x " will appear in a Listbox ?? in another form...
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    Listing data from Database

    :o Hi, I have a question i want to ask. I have made a form where i can input a "name" to search in the database.. It is possible that there are many persons with the same name right, i can't figure what is the best way to show a list from the database with all the persons with that "name"...
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