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  1. pr0fess0r

    Trying to get SetCursorPos to work

    Hi all I'm using com ports to send mouse movements from one computer to another. I've run into a problem where when I execute SetCursorPos it only seems to affect the mouse's X position - the mouse moves back and forth, but only at the top of the screen, it's ignoring the Y value. This is in...
  2. pr0fess0r

    Faking keyboard messages to a C app

    Hi I have a VB.NET app I'm using to send keystrokes to a DOS app (I'm using Quake 2 as an example since I can emss round with the source of that) I'm using the code below to simulate the keystrokes, and although it works fine for Windows programs like notepad, Quake 2 keeps telling me...
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