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    conference for PocketPC programmer?

    Hi, I am in a 3-man shop (Coke and Beer Distributor - 5 states/500+ employees) and am the only one who has to program in VB.Net. I have been doing so for the past 6 years when required, but would like to add efficiencies to my current application and skill set. In this application, we use HP...
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    No one knows of anywhere I might be able to attend a technical conference for Visual Studio/ Framework? Perhaps in my ignorance I am asking the wrong question, but I am not sure how else to ask. I have written a rather large application for pocket PC's in that does sales...
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    I am an I5(IBM Midrange) computer programmer. I am finding myself programming in Visual Studio/ framework on handhelds for the business I work for. Any suggestions for technical conferences I could attend???
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    Deploying an update via stroage/SD card

    I am posting this because I had such a time finding the information I needed. If I am doing anything stupid here, let me know. The following code allows an update to be distributed via a SD or Storage card for a home grown application. The app is in a folder on the card (CCCLARK). Autorun is...
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    Stupid question: how do you add a line to a label?

    Centering text Here is the code to center a string max 80 char of text. You can change the 80 to a variable so you could base it however you want: PublicSub CenterIt(ByRef fdata AsString) Dim CData AsString Dim strlen AsInteger Dim X AsInteger Dim EndOfLine, StartOfLine AsInteger CData =...
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    speeding up data access to an AS400 database...

    You should probably give us a call You might want to call us and talk about the finer details. I would have to spend all day trying to explain in print.
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    speeding up data access to an AS400 database...

    zip and unzip the data We zip and unzip the data before transmission. We then send it to the i5(iseries, AS/400) where it hits a file with a trigger on it. We verify the data in a temp file and send back an acknowledgement file to the user showing we got it all. Once the file is verified, we...
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    Quick Replace Question

    Solution Attached is a picture of the solution:
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    search string in a textfile

    Sample Code and snapshots I do not know how good this code is. I was bored and did it real quick. I am including snapshots of the screen as attachments. Just one way to do what you described... Imports PublicClass Form1 PrivateSub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object...
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    Using Regular Expressions or Pattern Matching

    Getting data from delimited files One way that I load my delimited files is below. If you notice, MYA() contains each field as delimeted (In my case by a "|", you would use a ",") you can the search each field to find the data you want and collect any associated data referencing the index...
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    Run project from another project

    I am going to guess that this is what you meant. I put this in as a new project just to verify I had all of the necessary includes. You can copy the sub and includes into your existing application and it should run. The Call should be put where you want to call the application and should look...
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    Quick Replace Question

    Thanks for the effort. I should have been clearer in my post.
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    Quick Replace Question

    Reply to David Thanks David... Now I have to show my ignorance and ask, Where/how do I run that line? I am in VS2005 editing a program.
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    Monitoring Applications in

    in vs2005 you can tap on "Tools", "Code Snippits Manager" and see if there might be some examples there to give you the process you are looking for.
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    Quick Replace Question

    Anyone know how I can Replace an single string with two strings using VS2005/ Example: find: " End Sub" Replace with: " Logit()" " End Sub"
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    Is there a bug in VS 2005

    I am having more strange behavour. I can run a couple of programs with no problems, and then turn around and run another program with some copied code and it behaves different. When I try to display a panel, sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. The code to display a panel is below, and...
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    Migration/deployment issues

    Is this true in vs2005 or was it also true in vs2003 The reason I ask, the program works in vs2003, and does not after migration to vs2005 I have no idea how to fix this one, nothing seems wrong in the code...
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    How ro make phone call on Pocket PC

    Try They have a dll that I use and some sample code, and it was not very expensive.
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    Migration/deployment issues

    Additional Screen shot This is the picture while the program is running in 2005 & another running in 2003
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    Migration/deployment issues

    Posting code: I took out some code to make this small enough to attach as a word document, watch1.doc. I included a snapshot of what the screen should look like when the program is running as watch2.doc. What it is doing is running, but not displaying the yellow screen. I added the line
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