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    conference for PocketPC programmer?

    Hi, I am in a 3-man shop (Coke and Beer Distributor - 5 states/500+ employees) and am the only one who has to program in VB.Net. I have been doing so for the past 6 years when required, but would like to add efficiencies to my current application and skill set. In this application, we use HP...
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    I am an I5(IBM Midrange) computer programmer. I am finding myself programming in Visual Studio/ framework on handhelds for the business I work for. Any suggestions for technical conferences I could attend???
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    Deploying an update via stroage/SD card

    I am posting this because I had such a time finding the information I needed. If I am doing anything stupid here, let me know. The following code allows an update to be distributed via a SD or Storage card for a home grown application. The app is in a folder on the card (CCCLARK). Autorun is...
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    Quick Replace Question

    Anyone know how I can Replace an single string with two strings using VS2005/ Example: find: " End Sub" Replace with: " Logit()" " End Sub"
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    Is there a bug in VS 2005

    I am having more strange behavour. I can run a couple of programs with no problems, and then turn around and run another program with some copied code and it behaves different. When I try to display a panel, sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. The code to display a panel is below, and...
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    Migration/deployment issues

    I just migrated 4 related projects over frome VS2003 to VS2005 and have some issues. First, I have a project that examines a directory and if certain zip files exist, it unzipps the data in them (flat text files) and loads them into a .sdf database. The program displays a screen...
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