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    Gather Windows Services Information

    I have pieced together the following application using tips from other forum members and have run into an issue that I can't explain or fix. For some reason, when I execute this, type in a username and password, enter a server name, and then click Scan Server it doesn't always give me back the...
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    Grep and Awk equivalent in VB.NET?

    Is there a Grep and Awk equivalent in VB.NET? For instance, in Linux If I had the following data in a file and I wanted to only see the SERVICE_NAME line, I could type the following command: cat filename.txt |grep SERVICE_NAME output would be: "SERVICE_NAME: WZCSVC" If I wanted to...
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    Retrieve Process Output as a String

    Ok, here is another doozy for me. I am trying to figure out how to retreive the output of a process in string format. Here is why... First off, I'm trying to get away from ugly black MS-DOS Windows! Ewww! Secondly, there are times when I'd like to actually parse the output of a command, line...
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    Executing an External Command

    I'm a beginner go easy on me! I've only completed VB.NET I in college. I am trying to write an application that will run an external command such as the following: start "Pinging Host" -t The above is just an example (not really what I'm trying to ping). I can't figure out how to...
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