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  1. Marie-Andree

    calculate timespan (days) between 2 dates from timepicker in a class

    Hello, I am trying to pass 2 variables check in date and check out date from 2 different date time picker on a form. The goal is two calculate the number of day between the 2 dates. Here is what I have so far: From the form: Public Class FormReservations 'Declare the new objects: Private...
  2. Marie-Andree

    merge two xml files with LINQ

    My name is Marie and I am trying to merge two xml document and have a combine result in a new xml document called output.xml. It seems when I am debugging, only the first xml document is combining to the output.xml. Here is my first xml called Nutrition.xml: <?xml version = "1.0"? <nutrition...
  3. Marie-Andree

    Question How to load a xml file in Internet Explorer

    Hello, My name is Marie and I am new at Visual Basic. I am trying to parse a xml document in Internet Explorer. I have been trying, but it seems that the html created is not displaying any information from the xml. Would someone would kindly have a look to my code by any chance? Here is what I...
  4. Marie-Andree

    Question How to display specifics lines from .txt document on form?

    Hello, My name is Marie and I am new to VB.Net. I am trying to work on this school assignment and I am struggling a bit. I need to display in a combo box names coming from a .txt documents. For example the text document goes as follow: Would it be possible to guide me in the right direction...
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