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    Question OUTlook Addin - Appointment data capture

    Visual Studio 2010 Outlook 2007 I am currently extracting all the appointments for a given time period from a calendar in my outlook. I have another outlook user create an alternate calendar and grant me access to the calendar. I can see the calendar in my outlook. I want to be able to grab the...
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    help with Nested Gridview footer totals

    I have a nested gridview and would like to know the best way to display the column summary data in the footer of the nested gridview.I am using template column to display the nested gridview and the following code to show the nested records within the master gridview. The parameters are within...
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    Vs 2005 2.0 sql server 2000 connection problem

    I created an application locally on my pc. I have no problem connecting to a sql server 2000 database that is located on a seperate server. I setup users, roles, rules via security configuration tool. All related information is corrrectly stored in the sql server 2000 database. I run the...
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    DataGrid in editmode - Dropdownlist periodically loses values

    Hello I Created an editable datagrid with 5 columns as follows: Course ID, Department, CourseName, Component,CourseStatus CourseID is read only Department is read only Coursename - in edit mode is a DropdownList Component - in edit mode is a DropdownList CourseStatus - in edit mode...
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    Popup page - restrict access

    I have a main page and a popup window that has a file upload control. I want to make to popup window only accessible from the main webpage. How would I do this?
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    Web User Control

    "Visual studio 2003" I created a simple Web user control. This control contains a Calendar control (calander1) and a textbox (textbox1). The calendar populates the textbox with a selected date. Works fine in the destination aspx page. Now I need to get to the textbox1.text...
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    What do I need to do to create a VS 2003 project on xp home?

    I am trying to create an ASP.Net project on a machine on my local network. This machine is running XP home. I want to be able to create projects on my XP home machine and connect to my win 2003 server to test etc. As it stands now I can't even create an project on my XP home...
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    Windows Media Player - Play Song Help

    I currently load a static array to play several songs in a row. On frmload I load the array with song path and then use the array to iterate through the songs. I now have an Access database that holds the song information including file path. I also have a datagrid that displays all the...
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    Windows Media Player 10 Com companent

    The folowing code works for windows media player 7 but no longer works in windows media player 10. These properties have chaged and I am not quite sure how perform the same operations. All I am looking for is how to list the start of a file, end of a file and calculate the current position...
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    Retrieve Uploaded file from web directory

    I successfully created a webpage that inserts a file path into my SQL server database and stores the file in a web folder named "Data". I have the directory path stored in my database table. Now I need to know how to retrieve that file from a data grid. I currently have a datagrid that lists...
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    Datgrid - Selected Index

    I am trying to use a function that will display the correct item in a dropdown list. This dropdown list will be used to update a database. Everything is working except the function that selects the appropriate listbox item. Once I add the selectedIndex... I get the following error...
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    Set focus on Edit TextBox when I LoadGrid()

    I want the screen to open up with the focus set on the edit textbox. If there are a lot of rows in the datagrid it resets back to the top each time. Can anyone help? <CODE> <asp:DataGrid ID="dgKnow" runat="server" OnEditCommand="EditRecord" OnCancelCommand="CancelEdit"...
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    Datagrid to edit Database

    Resolved - Datagrid to edit Database The following is sample code that I found. The code only works if you are Using only one table. I want to be able to list data from multiple tables and edit one column accordingly. In this case the Dynamic SQL generator cannot be used. Can you please share...
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