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    Quadratic Equation

    I'm not good at and not interested in those drawing things such as graphs. I'm keen on some window applications (lack of those things) and web services. But my school assignment has now thrown me for crazy mind. Can you , DotNet Masters , give me clues on how to achieve it ? I don't know...
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    Shell(pathName,WinAppStyle) :: VB vs VB.Net

    Why is this code incorrect in VB while correct in .Net ? Shell("cmd" ,vbNormalFocus ) How can I make correctness in VB ? Thank you so.
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    Write files, then can't load data fully

    Hi .Net masters, This is my first post so if irrelevent, forgive me. ----------- I prepared a little freeware program named "My English Database" that uses no database but a text-formated files to save[or view or edit] English words and usages, reader's notes,groupname. I write text...
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