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    Peculiar API Return from WaveInAddBuffer

    Hello all. Hope you're all having good holidays. I'm writing a guitar tuner in VB.NET. It's coming along well, the program will tell you what note/octave you are playing and how much the note deviates from the frequency of the in-tune note. Once i get this working I plan to release it on...
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    Drawing a WaveForm from Line In

    Hello everyone. This is quite a hard problem so any help AT ALL would be awesome. I've got a program (below) which sets up 2 buffers and starts filling them with bytes from the microphone. I've got another thread running which analyses these bytes and plots a graph on a window. However, the...
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    Callback Functions in VB.NET

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to implement a callback function for processing digital audio input in VB.NET. Here is my code: Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices Module modWave 'Constants... Const WAVE_FORMAT_PCM As Integer = 1 Const WAVE_MAPPER As Integer = -1 Const...
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