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    Looping through the data in database

    Hi, i have a problem with looping through the data in database. I have two tables namely question and answer table. In question tables, I had qnsID, StemID, stem(which is the question text), AnsID(took it from answer table). In answer table, i had AnsID, stemID, option. I will select one...
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    Open new window from image button

    Hi, can i know how to open new window from image button in a datagrid? Currently, i had this codes for html page: <asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="Image"> <ItemTemplate> <asp:ImageButton Width="150" Height="125" CommandName="Select" ImageUrl='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "pic") %>'...
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    Problem contacting with web server.

    I have problem opening the three tier project. It successfully open data layer but when it trying to contact with the web server to open the web service layer, it just can't load. What is the porblem over here? I didn't touch any setting of VS.NET or IIS. It work perfectly fine in the...
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    Error msg prompt when check for the userId and display the linkbutton in datagrid.

    Hi, i have this idea on the codes to check whether the userID is match with teh userID in the datagrid. If it is match, the linkbutton in datagrid visibility is true. Else false. But for the following codes, i try doing it when hte userID is match, the button visibility will be false...
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    Problem updating to databse from textbox.

    Hi, I'm having a problem on updating the value to database from textbox. Initally, there is a textbox for display the retrieve valur from database. This textbox can be edit and update to the database. However, when this textbox has something retrieve and display it can't update to database. If...
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    Paging problem

    Hi it me again. Soory for so many posts, as i'ma newbie so please bear with me. i had did soem codes for the paging in the datagrid. Here is the code in presentation page: In pageLoad: Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load...
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    Select data from database and display in textbox

    Hi, i'm having a porb on how to select the data from database and display in the textbox. i had use the sql like this to select the data: Public Function displayEditMsg(ByVal userName As String, ByVal strname As String) As Dataset Dim ds As New DataSet Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT msg...
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    Button in datagrid display if it is a member

    Hi all. I had a question for datagrid. If the system determines that it is a member, a push button will display in the datgrid. How to code it to make this happen? thanks tiffany
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    Datagrid problem

    Hi, i had some problems with my datagrid. I had a link button in the datagrid in 123.aspx. When the link button is clicked, it will redirect to the abc.aspx page. abc.aspx contain the datas retrieve from ms sql when the link button is clicked in 123.aspx. How can i possible do it? thanks...
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    Compare datetime

    Hi, How can i compare the date and time? I want to compare the two date and time to see which is the easliest. Initially i need to reteieve the date and time from two tables and compare between the two. But how can i do so? Thanks! tiffany
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    problem with update sql statement.

    Hello! i'm using ms sql. I had some problem with my update sql statement. Can help me with it? Thanks! There is a syntax error near ')'. Dim ds As New DataSet Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("UPDATE msg SET topicID =(SELECT thread.topicID FROM thread WHERE thread.userID = msg.userID) WHERE...
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    A link in datagrid

    Hi, currently i'm using Ms SQL for my project. I will like to have a link but not hyperlink in a datagrid. Once the link is click, code-behind will do some actions and will be bought to a page where all the retrieve datas are display. How can i do this? What data type should i select to...
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    Forum attributes.

    Hi, i wanna get a little help on some database management. I was doing a forum use case. And i had come out of some of the attributes. There will be a FirstId in a thread table and FirstID in a reply table. But If the database design like this, it will have duplicate primary key in thread table...
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    Checkbox list into two field in db

    Hi, did anyone know how to insert checkbox lists items into two col in db? Which is mean i had three items in checkbox list, when i checked two items among the three. It will insert the two items into two col in db. I had this code, but it only insert into one col. How to improve this codes...
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    update syntax

    Hi, I had syntax error in the update command. I wrote this: Dim strConn AsString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source= " & Server.MapPath("movie.mdb") Dim strSQL AsString = "UPDATE movieDet SET Title = '" + tb_title.Text + "', price = '" + tb_np.Text + "', des = '" +...
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    3 Connections are not working

    Hi, i come out with this codes but there are some error at the 3 connections. Bascially this codes are to increment the roomID in db. I had three SQL statments and created 3 connections. If i command this line "dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()" they will show "The ConnectionString property has not...
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    hyperlink in datagrid.

    Hi, anyone knows how to use hyperlink colunm in datagrid? Once the hyperlink is click, it will retrieve the picture from db and display in _blank. thkx tiffany
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    Checked items in diff fields in db

    hi, i had create a checkbox list with three items. Once i checked on thw two items among the three, it will then saved in the db as follows: Field1 Field2 data1 data2 That means the each of the checked item will be saved in different field in db. i wrote this statment but it only just...
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    Not updating to the db.

    Hi, I had a problem on updating from textboxes to db. From the beginning iof the system, it will retreive data from datbase and display in the datagrid. Once the update push button is click, it will display in a form where form contain textboxes. Textboxes are displaying the data once the...
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    Delete SQL in datagrid.

    Hi, Did anybody knows how to use delete sql statement? I'm using this: Private Sub DataGrid1_DeleteCommand(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs) Handles DataGrid1.DeleteCommand Dim i As Integer = e.Item.ItemIndex Dim mtitle As String =...
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