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    Printing with S500 Barcode Printer

    Hey, guys. I hope you can give me a few hints on this one. I need to print a number of text lines with a Zebra Stripe 500 barcode printer. I use the PrintDocument class in order to send the content of 6 TextBox controls as output. But somehow the S500 printer ignores my label size settings on...
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    MDI Form and MDI Children Question

    [RESOLVED] MDI Form and MDI Children Question Hi, all. I'm a newcomer to VB .NET and I'm having a hard time with MDI forms. Specifically, whenever the user attempts to close the MDI form, I need to make sure that all of its children forms are closed. If they are not, I display a message asking...
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    Problem with network path

    Problem with network path [RESOLVED] Hey, guys. I have an application that retrieves image files from a certain directory path (provided by the user). It validates the path with the "IO.Directory.Exists(FolderName)" function. The problem is that within a LAN, when the user picks a valid network...
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    .NET runtime excluded

    Hi, all. I'd appreciate any help. I have a Windows Setup Project for a Windows Application, but VB .NET does not let me include the "dotnetfxredist_x86_enu.msm" dependency module when I try to build the project, but I need it in order to install my application on older machines wich don't have...
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    A DataGrid issue

    A DataGrid issue [RESOLVED] HI, all. Though not a favorite of mine, the DaraGrid control is in many cases the ideal control for displaying info. Unfortunately, it doesn't change the fact that it is a royal pain for me to use. So, my question is, is there a way to modify the width of a specific...
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    Tiny problem with file extensions

    Tiny problem with file extensions - [RESOLVED] Hi, there. I have created a function that returns a list of files within a specified directory. The IO.FileInfo.Name property is adequate because through it I can obtain only the names of the files without its whole path from root. However, it...
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    Need a hand with TreeView Control

    Need a hand with TreeView Control - [RESOLVED] Hi, all. This is a little embarrassing but since it’s the first time I ever use the TreeView control I guess it doesn’t hurt to seek out some help. What if I had a TreeView control to show all directories sub-directories within a provided path? As...
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    Need help with searching files in VB .NET

    Need help with searching files in VB .NET - [RESOLVED] Hi, there. I'd be greatly relieved if someone could tell how can I program VB .NET to find a file within a specified directory. The search in question would have to extend to any subdirectories that the specified directory may contain. Thanks.
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